Illustrations for Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Create a brand identity that's personal, specific and tells YOUR story.

Illustrator Brighton

Well considered, bespoke Illustrations can be the magic ingredient to build strong brand recognition and touch your audience's heart! A consistent style elevates you from the competition and adds that unique personality.

It’s about appearing less digital and more approachable. In an increasingly competitive world, it is critical to show your potential clients that your brand matters to you.

Let me help you open doors with some fun and creative illustrations.

Your Brand Identity Suite

Fully personalised brand identity suite for your company:

  • A personalised logo for your website and business cards
  • An avatar for you and your staff members
  • Illustrations and hand-drawn assets that you can use in various publications such as your website, blogs and LinkedIn
  • A bundle of icons to personalise your social media.

This suite can be purchased as a one-off, a bundle, or as a subscription on a monthly basis. It will assure your brand appears consistent.


Clean, green brand identity for FareShare Sussex’s zero-emission e-cargo bike

In July 2020 a colleague from @brightonchamber pointed out that Farehsare Sussex were looking for someone to aid with graphics for a zero-emission e-bike which would help collect and deliver surplus food around Brighton. I feel very strongly about food waste and immediately recognised this as an exciting and worthwhile projects for which I was eager to volunteer.

Creating a memorable identity for the Brighton Chamber of Commerce Summit & Basecamp

Brighton Chamber commissioned me to be their branding partner and Illustrator for 2020 Brighton Summit, The Brighton Basecamp 'Bananas' 2020 and the Brighton basecamp 'En route' 2021. I invited Lee Suttey of Visual Function to collaborate. The bespoke illustrations create a memorable impression on consumers to tell a positive brand story.

A personalised Brand Identity for a business coaching company

Lyndsey, Business Coach and founder of Heads-up Coaching commissioned me to create an online brand identity for her coaching business. The range of illustrations has enabled them to showcase their products and services in a visually distinctive way and for them to reach a wider audience, which has significantly contributed to the success of their business.

Engage with an exciting brand identity for the Brighton Fringe 2021 (Tender only)

I submitted my entry for the Artwork Callout in 2021 to brand the Brighton Fringe website. The winning Brighton Fringe hero graphic would provide the core branding for the 2021 marketing campaign, and be translated across all other marketing materials including print and outdoor advertising, social media, online, app and email marketing.