About me

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My challenge: to help communicate complex ideas in a simplified, attractive way.

Give Clarity

The world is cluttered with unclear content. I want to make sure your content is consistent, clear and accessible.

Make it personal

Your story is important. I want to help you tell your story with creativity, humour, colour - to evoke and to engage.

Give joy

I want to create nice things, things that people cherish. I want to help your business be proud of your visual identity.

About me

I am a UK/ Swiss Illustrator based in Brighton. I love to create bespoke product illustrations to make content more accessible.

I help businesses and organisations create a distinctive brand identity for their product or service.

My background is Swiss typography and graphic design. My uncles is an artist in a monastery. My goal: combine a tidy design with creative expression to make it personal. 

Why use me?

I have a strong business instinct gained over 20 years as a Creative Director and graphic designer in a media agency.

My illustrations add value to presentations and websites, they make a social media campaign more consistent, and an Eventbrite invites more enticing.

Storytelling may have become a buzzword in branding and advertising, but a compelling narrative can be effective when it comes to engaging consumers and getting across a brand's purpose - and a personality. It can highlight the essence of a story and its ambition whilst communicating solutions for the user’s pain points.

What I deliver

I help your organisation create presentations, blogs and website content with a difference.

Illustrations help you communicate your content quickly. Let me help you stand out from the crowd.

I help businesses achieve a distinctive brand identity for their product or service.

I strive to deliver a high standard and aim to create illustrations that give joy, are memorable and tell your brand story.


Hand-drawn illustration

UI design/ graphic design

Speciality sectors:

Specialist sectors: Brand and design agencies, Marketing agencies, content and social media agencies. Housing Associations, UX / design, SMEs, coaching, conflict resolution, sanitation, nature, food, education.

I would love to hear from you.

Give me a call on +44 (0) 7818625398.
Sandra Staufer