About me


Pictures are my voice

I create engaging and insightful illustrations for solutions across web and other interactive channels.

Creating clarity

The world is cluttered with confusing content. I make sure your content is consistent, clear and accessible to your intended audience by communicating your ideas - however complex - in a simple, attractive way.

Make it personal

Your story is important. I help you tell it with creativity, colour, empathy and a pinch of humour. Be that via an infographic, an illustration or a complete web design.

Bringing joy to help conversion

I create an evocative and enduring image that my clients - and their clients - understand, embrace and even cherish. And this, in turn, brings joy and helps conversion.

True or false?

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About me

Illustration is in my blood: I grew up with a pencil in my hand, under the nurturing influence of my uncle, the celebrated Swiss artist Pater Eugen Bollin. I trained in editorial design and narrative illustration.

After a long career as a Creative Director in a media agency, I realised that even very simple drawings have the power to tell the most complicated stories in an engagingly accessible way. I now create eye-catching images that conquer customers’ hearts whilst driving conversations.

Why use me?

Storytelling has become a buzzword in branding and advertising: A compelling narrative is an effective way to engage consumers and get across a brand’s purpose and personality.

My illustrations simplify the most complicated of narratives, artfully boosting both your online presence and your brand story.

Having worked as a user-centred designer has given me good business acumen and a good understanding of what users need.

What I deliver

I can help your business to stand out from the crowd with my unique, bespoke and memorable illustrations.

More than that, I can combine user-centred web design with illustration to make your online presence very powerful. Check out my packages here.

Collaborative working is a good way to get the best outcome for the client; I am lucky to have worked with many talented experts. See my CollabHub here.

Friendly person standing by. Call me.

Give me a call on +44 (0) 7818625398.

Sandra Staufer

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Speciality sectors:

Specialist sectors: Brand, Design and Marketing agencies, content creators, presenters, Housing Associations, UX / design, SMEs, coaching, conflict resolution, sanitation, nature, food, education.