About us

I create bespoke illustrations,  specialising in communicating complex ideas in a simplified, attractive way. 

I help businesses and organisations create a distinctive brand identity for their product or service.


Sandra Staufer Illustration about mental health

The challenge: to help communicate complex ideas in a simplified, attractive way.

About us

I am a UK/ Swiss illustrator and love to create bespoke product illustrations to make content more accessible. 

I support businesses and agencies to have a clear, specific and recognisable brand identity - to tell their story. This helps them stand out from the crowd. 

I design compelling digital experiences where the user takes centre stage, offering intelligent interfaces and effective user-journeys. My main focus is on maintaining my passion for design and creating clever, engaging illustrations to enhance your products.

Combining the two disciplines can be a powerful tool to communicate with a user directly. 

Why use us?

I have a strong business instinct gained over 20 years as a Creative Director and graphic designer in a media agency.

My illustrations add value to presentations and websites, they make a social media campaign more consistent, and an Eventbrite invites more enticing.

Storytelling may have become a buzzword in branding and advertising, but a compelling narrative can be effective when it comes to engaging consumers and getting across a brand's purpose - and a personality. It can highlight the essence of a story and its ambition whilst communicating solutions for the user’s pain points.

Most importantly, illustrations can be used to communicate complex ideas in a simplified, attractive way.

Examples: conflict resolutions, training,  mental health etc.

What we deliver

I can help your organisation create better company presentations, personal blogs and bespoke websites with specific illustrations that communicate your message better. Let me help you stand out from the crowd.

Using product illustrations and user-centred design I help businesses and organisations achieve a distinctive brand identity for their product or service.

My speciality sector: UX & design agencies, housing associations and small-medium sized businesses. 

I strive to deliver a high standard of design and aim to create illustrations that give joy, are memorable and tell your brand story.

"Good design", once said Dieter Rams, "is as little design as possible."

What can we do for your business?

Give me a call on +44 (0) 7818625398.
Sandra Staufer