Case study: Mastercard Booklet ‘Water’ (Wasser)

Mastercard Switzerland Booklet 'Insider'

Editorial illustrations to capture the theme


I participated in a competition to become the illustrator of that year's booklet called 'Wasser. Glitzender, sprudelnder, eisiger Schat der Schweiz'.

The challenge

In total there were quite a few illustrations to get through, some black and white and some colour. I approached the theme with humour and a certain tongue and cheek.

The solution

The client let me explore the project freely and I created a sequential set of illustrations which corresponded with each other.

'Water. Glissing, gurgling, icy treasure of Switzerland'.

The competition had been advertised in the national newspaper 'Tages Anzeiger' which luckily my dad found and sent to me to the UK. After the commission, I sketched some initial drafts in pen and then hand -drew on paper and finished them with gouache.