Hardworking illustrations and user-centric design

Are you seeking a brand identity that's intimate, distinctive and tells your unique story?
Would you like to hold your audience on your website for longer than 3 seconds?

Hi, I’m Sandra Staufer, a UK/ Swiss illustrator and visual communicator

I specialise in crafting hardworking images that convey compelling narratives. Your story is important. I help you tell it with creativity, colour, empathy and a pinch of humour to help conversion.

I create hardworking images for your business or organisation.

  • Web and social media images
  • Book covers
  • Powerfull PowerPoint graphics
  • Virtual backdrops
  • Editorial illustrations
  • Corporate iconography
  • Brand Characters and avatars

Visual Metaphors

Hardworking images

Illustrations tell a story in a way no other images can. They are powerful tools that convey complex ideas and tickle emotions. They forge an immediate bond with your audience, seamlessly integrating into your brand identity and telling YOUR unique story.


Bespoke Icons

For a consistent visual identity

Whether for one-time assignments or ongoing partnerships, I offer a swift turnaround, versatility and originality.

AA4S 6
AA4S 7
AA4S 5

Book Illustration

'Mastering Collaboration in a Product Team'

These examples highlight the use of visual metaphors - to make a difficult concept easier to understand.

70 Techniques to Help Teams Build Better Products. [I was asked to create 70 illustrations for this business book.]

Impactful PowerPoint

A presentation with a difference

Many people find slides tedious. You can grab really the audience's attention by using thought-provoking images.

Case study

Cheeky illustrations for a Brighton-based gin distillery

Brighton Gin was born of a passion for gin, and a passion for the place where they live and play.

They wanted to create a gin that embodies the spirit of Brighton, UK: unusual and fiercely independent.


Branding your event

For impact and positive memories

Over the last three years, I've actively contributed to shaping the brand of the Brighton Chamber Summit. It's been a joyous experience collaborating with this imaginative organisation.




Brighton Illustrator

Case study

Tender Brighton Fringe Artwork
Brighton Fringe Tender 2021 Branding

The combination of illustration and user-centred design can create a website with impact.

My ambition for the outcome: "This feels different. This feels personal."
My bundles

As a digital illustrator with a focus on iPadPro, I bring the skill to produce artwork with impressive efficiency.

1. One-off Wonder

A one-off illustration or visual metaphor that resonates with your story or a campaign.


2. Social Media Starter Pack

6 large illustrations and 10 small icons to serve your marketing needs.


3. Brand Identity Suite

An extensive, fully personalised brand identity suite for your business, including a Design System. Comes with an individual consultation focusing on your website.

Some clients I worked with 😉