Bespoke illustrations and user-centred design, Brighton


Helping you tell compelling visual stories 

Product illustrations add a human touch to the user experience and communicate complex ideas in a simplified, attractive way. Bespoke illustrations add value to presentations, marketing materials and websites and help convey the message that a company cares about its brand. Hi, I am Sandra Staufer, illustrator and visual storyteller.

My offering

Brand identity package

An extensive, fully personalised brand identity package tailored to your brand. 

This includes a logo, illustration bundle for your website, staff avatars, Eventbrite invites, blog posts and social media, seasonal assets.

Homepage _Highlights- Bundle Sandra Staufer

Illustration bundle '10'

A bundle of 10 illustrations and 10 icons for your content. These can be used for all your communication or marketing materials, such as your website, blog and social media. 

A monthly subscription is also available.


Product illustrations

One-off bespoke illustrations for everyday use to enhance your website, your blog, a presentation, a video. They will make content more accessible and can help explain a complex idea in a clear and simplified manner. With animation, your story can come alive.

Hand-drawn product illustrations to enhance your website, blog, presentation or video. They will help to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively and make your content more accessible.

With animation, your story can come alive.

Case study: Branding Brighton Chamber of Commerce Summit 2020


Are you a design or creative agency?

Driven by a strong commercial instinct gained through 20 years experience as a Creative Director for a web agency, I can help YOUR clients with bespoke illustrations to help with their brand, develop a character or to simply enhance content.

I work collaboratively with design & digital agencies on a variety of projects such as websites, video courses and animation projects.

I am happy to be part of a tender process and happy to liaise with clients directly.

“As an illustrator what one mustn't do is to be too prescriptive. We need to evoke rather than describe.”

Chris Redell