Case study: Book illustration: ‘Mastering Collaboration in a Product Team’

Consistent visual metaphors to bring a book to life

"A collection of technqiues from various experts in the field that help teams work closely together in solving problems and build products."


The client reached out to me for assistance in creating over 70 illustrations for a book centered around the implementation of UX practices to develop outstanding products. They specifically requested illustrations that could convey narrative elements.

The challenge

We deliberated on an overarching style for the book. I crafted distinctive illustrations for each page, elucidating complex messages. Maintaining a consistent style and effectively conveying the authors' ideas presented a delightful challenge.


The book comprised 70 pages featuring illustrations aimed at assisting teams in defining problems and needs, fostering improved collaboration, and enhancing product development. It is currently available for purchase on Kindle, Amazon, and in various bookshops.

A taster

Crazy 8s





Pirate Metrics






Knowing when to Stop

About the book

The nature of product development is changing. The most successful innovations are those that come from teams of people who are exploring problems together. Teams that build meaningful releases of their products iteratively and incrementally are opening the door for early feedback so that decisions can be taken to persevere or pivot based on evidence.

But how do you make the most out of a team’s different perspectives, experiences and ideas? How can you instill a collaborative mindset in a product development team? How do you find out if your product idea actually has any value? How can you truly understand people’s needs?

Mastering Collaboration in a Product Team is a toolbox of proven techniques from the field for the whole product team to use together to find answers to these questions and more. It is filled with practical tools to maximize your team’s chances of success when developing products and services, from identifying opportunities, to the point of being able to confidently go into production.


Guerilla Testing


Questioning with Curiosity


Idea Journal


Competitor Analysis

57_Go and fo VN02-01

Go and Do


How Long Has it Been

Key benefits of a personalised book cover

    1. Unique and Memorable: Illustrations make the book stand out as a unique and memorable creation. Readers are more likely to remember and cherish a book.
    2. Connection with Readers: Hand-crafted images help readers feel a stronger connection to the subject.
    3. Enhanced Engagement: Illustrations can boost reader engagement by capturing their attention and interest, they provide an extra layer of engagement.
    4. Promotes Imagination: Custom illustrations can bring the author's vision to life in a way that sparks the reader's imagination.
    5. Encourages Repeat Reading: The novelty of personalised illustrations may encourage readers to revisit the book multiple times.
    6. Marketability and Uniqueness: Personalised books have a unique selling point that can set them apart in the market.
    7. Positive Emotional Impact: Whether it's joy, surprise, or a sense of connection, the emotional impact of personalised illustrations can leave a lasting impression.
    8. Reader Satisfaction: When readers feel that a book was created with them in mind, it adds value to the reading experience and increases the likelihood of positive reviews and recommendations.


  • While personalized book illustrations may not be suitable for every genre or audience, they can be a powerful tool for creating a unique and engaging reading experience, particularly in children's books, family stories, and special occasion gifts.