Character creation for tonnes of personality

A bespoke character design will create a memorable brand - and give joy!

Illustrations copyright 2021 @Lightningfibre and @ApexEd

Character designs are used as part of the brand story:

  • to create an identifiable, memorable brand
  • to maximize the impact on the audience
  • to improve online presence
  • to have a consistent framework for all collaterals
  • to talk to the audience directly (story)
  • to help engagement and conversion
  • to give joy and touch people’s hearts



Distinctive characters can build strong associations with a company and guide a user through a more enjoyable digital experience.

The process

Illustrator Brighton

Establishing a good brief:

  • Audience
  • Format and proportions
  • Usage (website, social media, print adverts, animation - this is important especially if animated, some body parts may need to be isolated
  • Brand legacy, brand guidelines to tie the character in with your branding, understand the brand values etc
  • Buisness & marketing drivers: why is a bespoke character important for the brand?

Getting to know the character

  • Ethnicity, personality, posture, age, gender, quirks, mood
  • Accessories
  • Location and surroundings, accessibility, scenarios, settings
  • Political correctness
  • Line of action
  • Style of drawing, line, colour, backdrop (consider that the characters may sit on a coloured background)
  • Degree of realism VS cartoon
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Illustrator Brighton

Telling the story

  • Who are you? (brand values, mission, vision)
  • How do you speak to the audience? What is your tone of voice) and how is this represented through the character?
  • What are your USPs and how can the character represent these?
  • How are you different?
  • How can you make it memorable?
  • How can you make the characters tie in with your branding and visual communication materials?

An example:

Character design for a new fast-fibre broadband company

Lightning Fibre asked me to create character designs to make their online presence more personal.
They are a Full Fibre Broadband provider dedicated to making a positive impact for our customers and our community. By joining us, you don’t just get hyperfast broadband speeds - it also benefits your community.


Illustrator Brighton
Illustrator Brighton

"External feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. "

Rob Reaks, Lightning Fibre

An example

Character design for an online math tuition course

ApexEd is a learning platform which helps children to enjoy maths more. Nenna Nwawudu, an A-Level student herself, set it up as she felt that maths tuition could happen via peer support, where students teach students.

I was asked to create some characters which can accompany the users through their math journey.

The project is on-going.

Illustrator Brighton
Illustrator Brighton