Illustrations for corporate websites, blogs & presentations

Outshine competitors on the web

Make content more accessible and your online experience more attractive

Illustrations copyright 2022 @sandrastaufer

Help the personalisation and differentiation of your websites with a bespoke illustration to give a visual feel of your organisation - unique and personal! Your site will stand out from the competition.

Product illustrations bring delight to the users’ experience and a taste of originality. They help explain the benefits of a product and eventually, persuade people to love the product.


Illustrations tell your story in a very personable way - they add interest and warmth.

The combination of illustration and user-centred design can create an engaging online experience.

Illustrations on your website help to provide a visual representation of what you are offering, they can be an attractive and aesthetic element and really add value. They really do add visual appeal. The website users will see that you have gone the extra mile with personalisation - that you care about your brand.

With a solid foundation in Graphic Design and 20 years of experience as a creative director at a Brighton media agency, I have a good understanding of how design works in business. I know that well-targeted illustrations have the power to ‘show and tell’ in an engaging way.


6 good reasons why to use illustrations on your website

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  1. They capture a complicated subject
  2. They can add a unique look
  3. Help you stand out from photo-strewn sites
  4. Help establish your trust with your audience
  5. Tell a story in a personal way
  6. Add humour

Do you know what people think of your blog?

Do you feel you need to come up with something a little different to spruce up your blog content rather than just using stock imagery?

An illustration is a great tool to engage the reader; it structures and brakes up a wall of text and allows you to be playful whilst conveying a serious message.