Case study: Clean brand identity for FareShare Sussex’s e-cargo bike

Creating a memorable identity

Clean, green brand identity for FareShare Sussex’s zero-emission e-cargo bike and electric van fleet to help save direct carbon dioxide.


Surplus food distribution charity FareShare Sussex & Surrey were looking to expand its refrigerated vehicle fleet in Brighton with a four-wheeled, pedal-powered zero-emission e-cargo bike and electric vans.

The challenge

They wanted the new bike to look the part and turn heads, with livery reflecting its function as well as advertising its superlative environmental credentials. Switching to electric significantly reduces their carbon footprint and cuts the emission levels released compared to their previous diesel vans.



The pioneering e-bike, the first of its kind in the UK, is already turning heads, thanks to the clean-lined graphics and fresh, original illustrations on its striking green and white wrap. Switching to electric significantly reduces their carbon footprint and cuts the emission levels released compared to their previous diesel vans.

Out of adversity...

FareShare Sussex redistributes food industry surplus which would otherwise be wasted, to charities and community groups supporting vulnerable people.

In July 2020 a colleague from Brighton Chamber mentioned that FareShare Sussex was looking for someone to help with graphics for an e-bike.

A few months earlier FareShare Sussex had joined forces with walking and cycling Sustrans to launch a kids’ design competition, but the competition attracted just two entries. It was looking for bold, easily identifiable artwork which shouts out its core intention of fighting hunger and tackling food waste.

Kids comptition
Illustrations for Fareshare Sussex by Sandra Staufer

There's a new set of wheels at Brighton's FareShare Sussex depot: Check it out here


“Thank you so much for your incredible and gorgeous talent in making our cargo bike look so fantastic.(..) It's really turning heads in Brighton.”

Nathan Catt, Project Coordinator (WRAP Project)

The brief

The artwork needed to act as an advertisement for the electric vehicle project, conveying the message of sustainability and zero-carbon emissions whilst raising awareness of food waste.

FareShare Sussex encouraged me to look at the two competition entry designs and incorporate some of their ideas into my illustrations.

I loved George's hungry tum’ slogan and liked the simplicity of the ‘to-the-point food items and the white space. I liked the duo-colour approach of Tamsin’s design. So rather than the illustration telling a story, I opted for an eye-catching design that could be grasped within seconds, as the e-bike whizzes past.


I was happy to join forces with local graphic designer Richard Excell, of Excell Design and Hove-based advertising products supplier TJ's Branding Solutions.

Setting the graphics into a wrap template with wheel and light cut-outs was a tricky job for Richard, and we worked closely together to produce the final design templates.

The solution

The resulting wrap reflects the e-cargo bike’s function and the fact that less food will now go to waste in Brighton – with no negative impact on the environment.

The e-bike’s delivery was delayed, but four-wheeled, pedal powered zero-emission e-cargo bike was eventually launched at Brighton’s Bevy community Pub in February 2021. They provide Bevy Meals on Wheels service to local people.


Telling the story on a mural

I also delivered the designs for a full mural for the FareShare Sussex offices. There are a few walls in the stairwell to be telling their story. It will be interesting to see how the quality of the print will work. I am looking forward to hearing the volunteers feedback.


On social media

I am very proud to introduce the latest edition to our refrigerated vehicle fleet at FareShare Sussex. It's a four-wheeled, pedal-powered zero-emission e-cargo bike! It's the first of its kind in the UK, built by EAV and funded WRAP. We want our last-mile delivery and collection of surplus food around Brighton & Hove to be toxic fume-free and we want to reduce our business CO2 emissions now, not tomorrow. Along with our large electric van, we're moving that way. Thanks to Zedify UK's Brighton team for all your support.” Kelly Dibbert, Marketing FareShare Sussex.

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Key benefits of a succcessful branding excercise

  • Creates a memorable identity and immediate impression on the public
  • Shows people what FareShare Sussex does - and how it does it
  • Creates trust and builds on the organisations’ accessibility to all
  • Shows the organisation's relevance and sustainability credentials
  • Talks directly to the target audience and the wider community
  • Invites wider involvement in the work of FareShare Sussex