Communications: PPTs and PDFs

A PowerPoint Presentation with a difference

An engaging PowerPoint presentation can capture and hold the audience's attention. It helps to make sure the message is received and understood.


Persuasion and Influence

Engaging presentations are more effective in persuading and influencing an audience. Whether the goal is to inform, persuade, or motivate, an engaging presentation can make the message more compelling.


Enhancing Comprehension

Visual aids, such as thoughtful illustrations can help explain complex ideas more clearly. They provide additional context and can make information more accessible. They make your presentation memorable.


Engaging elements like storytelling, relatable images, and emotional appeals can create a connection with the audience. This can make the presentation more impactful and memorable.



Great presentations and PDFs with the aim to tickle emotions

A nice PDF design will create interest, but bespoke illustrations will make a real impact!

A personalised flyer or a PDF Brochure, which is specific to your organisation AND tells your story will stay in people's minds.

Many PDF reports present a wall of text which is hard to read. Integrating a few hard-working images is great as it gives people the chance to skip-read and entices them to read the long text later.



First impressions are really important when you meet a potential audience.


Enhanced Engagement

Illustrations capture attention and make the content more visually appealing. This helps in keeping the audience engaged and interested in your talk!

Increased Retention

People are more likely to remember information when it is presented with images. Illustrations help reinforce the content, making it more memorable. They may refer back to it much later...

Professionalism and Personalisation

Custom illustrations can make a document look more professional and polished. Personal touches in the form of tailored illustrations can also make the document feel more unique and customised to the audience.

Emotional Connection

Illustrations can evoke emotions and create a connection with the audience. This can be particularly important in marketing and educational materials where engagement and emotional resonance are key.