Case study: TogetherCo – PDFs & Corporate Presentation

Friendly Suite of Promotional Materials for TogetherCo

Together Co create connections to change lives; the corporate presentations needed to reflect this care


Together Co help people make connections through their befriending, social prescribing and volunteering services. They approached me with a brief for a corporate presentation and two logos. They sought designs that would convey the organisation's commitment and personal engagement, ensuring these qualities were reflected in the marketing materials.

The challenge

On the list of requirements were a corporate presentation, illustrations for Loneliness Awareness Week, illustrations for what is social prescribing and two campaign logos for Paws2Connect and Pier2Peer. They wanted to make sure their ideas and expertise reached even more people through their consultancy work.


Collaborating with their Communications, PR & Fundraising Agency, I created all of the pieces in a short time. Once the style was determined, we promptly progressed to finalising the artwork for the PDF cover and the pages. This was all set and ready for print. I then also created two logos for the campaigns.

Page 2@1x
Page 3@1x
Page 5@1x
Pier2Peer Poster test 2
Page 8@1x

Key benefits of a personalised corporate presentation

  • Creates a memorable presentation
  • Crafted by hand, the images foster a deeper connection for readers with the subject or organisation
  • Tailored specifically to YOUR organisation, avoiding generic stock images
  • Demonstrates the care your organisation invests in its messaging and that you care
  • Creates trust
  • Talks directly to the target audience and the broader community
  • Creates reader satisfaction and cheers us up 😉
  • By investing time and effort into your presentations, you demonstrate a commitment to understanding your audience and providing tailored solutions. This commitment can give your company a competitive edge by showcasing a higher level of customer-centricity.
  •  By analyszing audience reactions, engagement metrics, and conversion rates, you can gather valuable insights to continually refine and improve your future presentations.

A nice design will create interest, but bespoke illustrations will make a real impact!