Case study: Personalised Avatar for digital marketing

Lauren Psyk - Photographer - Copywriter - Marketer

Personalised avatar for digital marketing


I met Lauren through networking when we discussed the idea of a personalised avatar which could serve for a LinkedIn profile, social media profiles and the website.

The challenge

Creating the right avatar to represent a person's brand is quite a challenge, as it is so personal and long-lasting. I experimented with a few different styles and we agreed on the most appropriate.

Our solution

This project was full of creativity and a pleasure to undertake especially as it will impact the brand identity and conversion rate of Lauren's business.

Creating a personalised customer experience

Lauren offers bright, natural, colourful photos full of personality and sharp, lucid and expressive copy. A personalised avatar is the best way to show that love for creativity and individuality. This will stick in people's minds and hearts.

To find the right style suited to her brand I drew up some sketches in a variety of realistic to more cartoon-like styles. This was then tested in various platforms and final artwork produced.


A personal profile for Dougal too....

Lauren's dog Dougal has his own Instagram profile @dougal_poochon with 1k+ followers, oh yes. So we decided to treat him to his own personal avatar too..

Illustration Sandra Staufer for Lauren Psyk

Key benefits of a personalised avatar character

  • In a constantly changing digital landscape, it is important to make sure that your customers are paying attention to your brand
  • Creates a memorable impression on consumers = positive brand story
  • Ensures that the customer experience is immersive, humanises the brand
  • Forms a brand-user relationship
  • Helps to recognise your profile quickly
  • Shows continuity and creativity
  • Talks directly to the target audience
  • Good story telling
  • Adds a touch of humour

“I worked with Sandra to create some illustrations for my marketing, to use on my social media and my website. The illustrations Sandra created are spot on - they are perfectly on brand for me. They are bright, bold, fun, unique and really eye-catching. I am delighted with them! Sandra is very talented and a delight to work with. ”


Lauren Psyk