Course: ‘Applying Visual Thinking through Metaphors’

Metaphors Sandra Staufer

I’m happy to share that I’ve obtained a new certification: "Visual Thinking through metaphors without resorting to clichés" from Dario Paniagua!

Visual metaphors create miniature narratives that deeply resonate with the audience. They go beyond merely describing situations, instead, they analyse and dynamically transform them.

Looking back

In the past, I may have touched on skills, by attempting to create metaphors, and visuals that work hard, possibly coming across as a little absurd to draw attention. But sometimes I just drew icons - ok as part of a user interface but not to communicate a story.

Nice icons...


A nice pretty story but nothing unexpected...


New approach

Experimentation is valuable, and learning from past experiences is essential for refining a communication style. The task at hand involves incorporating this approach into my workflow: To not think clichés to try to be clever with my images and steer clear of clichés and to infuse creativity into my visuals. Upon reviewing some of my past work, I recognise the potential for enhancement, and I am enthusiastic about the prospect.

Before initiating any project, I now engage in thorough, thought-provoking contemplation, pondering whether I can employ metaphors instead of opting for the straightforward and apparent: "Could I do this with a metaphor rather than just drawing the obvious"? Let me think....


Visual metaphors that help drive attention and tickle a smile...


Going forward

Going forward, let me tell the stories cleverly, with intelligence - to grab attention and to convey a message, to help create memorable images that tickle the audience, invite a smirk or make us think.

The course has been transformative.


The course

The course outlined clear strategic tools which help in this process. So that we don't fall into the habit of simply producing icons, because we can.

We learnt of so many illustrators who do this so skillfully,, as an example, to just name one. These magicians are becoming real heroes to aspire to. The charme in employing illustrations lies in our ability to craft a narrative through the use of visual metaphors.

The personal engagement I received on its course is admirable. I felt supported in my progress. There is a community you can be part of, encouriging you to ask questions and submit homework.

This course will suit illustrators, graphic recorders and even artists. It is a worthwhile investment, especially now that AI is at our heels - important to find ways to create visuals without resorting to clichés.

I have started a journey that will take me years to perfect.

Here is the link if you are interested: LEARN VISUAL THINKING THROUGH METAPHORS * avoiding clichés -