A hand-drawn map to add personality and a touch of humour

Brighton Chamber of Commerce

A hand-drawn map can be filled with characters and fun detail to represent an area. It can add a personal touch to an event - and reflect your branding.

This may look like a challenge but it is such a nice project to undertake as you can pull out certain key areas, portray the overall 'feel of the place and add a sense of humour to really tell a story about your event.

It is a free license to make a map less boring, more informative and assure it fits in with your organisation's visual comms. A hand-drawn map may not be completely accurate in terms of distances and locations, but with an exciting composition, it can create a quick impact and highlight the atmosphere of the location or of your event.

Large type, hand-written titles and fun icons are a big trend right now. Taking the time to commission a hand-drawn map for your website or brochure shows the audience that you care about details. It is just so personal, aesthetically pleasing and fun.

A good brief is essential to ascertain what you want to highlight and which key areas, points of interest or buildings are taking centre stage. Providing your branding guidelines with the brief is key so that your new map fits in well on all of your marketing materials.