Personalise your ‘About Us’​ page with an avatar

The 'About us' page is one of the most visited pages on a website. Your customers want to know whom they are dealing with, what your story is. So it has to be a good one!


Don't miss the opportunity to show off your company to your visitors. Use this precious piece of website real estate to establish credibility and build trust.

The 'About us' page helps evaluate things like the size of your company, mission and vision, core values of the company, how your business came to be where it is today, but most and for all who runs the company. How you come across on that page is important for your brand. This page should be communicating more than just about your services, it should tell YOUR story and introduce your staff members, their titles and contact details. People love stories, and they are usually paying for the story rather than the product, so your 'About us' page should revolve around your story. Then make it easy for the user and offer 'good call to actions'.

Illustration by Sandra Staufer

The About us / team page is a good place to introduce yourself and to show off a bit of personality.
Potential customers want to see behind the curtain and whom they’re dealing with, so it’s important to include pictures - or illustrations! But don’t just slap some old low res staff pictures on there that have no visual language and are poor quality. The pictures you choose are meant to build trust. Invest a little time on planning this page and make it special. You could use team photos too on this page or individual photos as this adds credibility.

But how can you make this a little different?
A personalised avatar is the best way to show some individuality and creativity. This will stick in people's minds and hearts.

You could even switch between photos an illustration occasionally but make sure you use a reputable photographer like @LaurenPsyk to get these done professionally. And don't mix and match!

Creating the right avatar to represent a person's brand may be quite a challenge, as it is so personal and long-lasting. But an 'About us' page with a difference will definitely help you stand out.

Below you can find some examples of styles for your avatars: